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 Central Texas Physician Assistant Society (CTPAS), a non-profit organization, that represents and advocates for the hard   working Physician Assistants of Central Texas.   To celebrate and acknowledge, Physician Assistant front line efforts, CTPAS is hosting in collaboration with The Burnout Project™ , Austin's first ever,

PA Week Appreciation and Fundraising Celebration!

The fundraising event is scheduled to be on Thursday, October 6, 2022 at the start of PA Week

Event will include a silent auction, dinner, drinks, music and an appreciation presentation by the CTPAS board of directors and select CTPAS sponsors. More details to come!

October 6th-12th is National PA Week and we are honored to be hosting such a special and honorary event that aims to increase community recognition, honor our PAs and bring light to the need to focus on fighting burnout.

We will be collaborating with The Burnout Project™ to make the event truly special and be

donating Silent Auction proceeds to Ambassadors of Community Health!

CTPAS  has provided educational resources, career opportunities and political advocacy for local Physician Assistants since 2005.  Our donors, sponsors and members have played a prominent and distinguished influence on our society and we appreciate their continued support and encouragement all these years. If you have any interest in being involved or being a donor or partner for our First Annual Physician Assistant 2022 Appreciation Fundraising Celebration, please reach out to us via email at ctpasboard@gmail.com or Donate Directly

Physician Assistants have been an integral addition to medicine since their establishment in 1967. Today, PAs play a vital role in every specialty of medicine. Their value has grown especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.  PAs have stepped up and continue to work relentlessly; Lead, respond, and adapt during an unprecedented global health emergency and continue to do so during these trying times. 

While healthcare workers often receive public recognition, PAs have historically been under-recognized. CTPAS is eager to change that and recognize Physician Assistants.  This is the first event to have been organized in Austin, Texas to appreciate and acknowledge the PA profession during PA Week.  Our goal is to increase community recognition, honor our PAs, and show appreciation.  Appreciation accounts for a significant role in burnout prevention. By celebrating and giving thanks to our CTPAS providers, we hope to play a role in igniting their passion to continue serving our community.  

 While CTPAS is seeking monetary sponsorship and donations to make this event possible, we also appreciate your support in any way. Interested in being involved, reach out to CTPAS CME and Events Coordinator, Valerie Cavazos PA-C 

CTPAS is a 501 (c)6 tax exempt qualified organization, we appreciate your contributions. 

Best regards and much appreciation, on behalf of: 

CTPAS Board of Directors and The Burnout Project


Please refer back to our home page and follow the donations link to find Sponsorship Tiers and ways to sponsor a CTPAS Physician Assistant! 

We would appreciate any contribution to CTPAS's first PA Week Celebration in Austin Texas. 

Your time and acknowledgement of the profession speaks volumes!


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